Soccer Facility

Lake County's premier indoor soccer facility, featuring 3 Indoor Soccer Fields, 2 Grand Stands and Full Service Bar with views of all 3 Fields... right in Waukegan, IL!


Banquet Hall

Our 6000 sq. ft. banquet hall provides a spacious, yet intimate feel. The Arches has hosted weddings, anniversaries, quinceaneras, corporate events, concerts, and other major events.


Special Events

Lake County Sports Center is a premier location to host your next expo, trade show, concert, boxing or sporting event.

  • Permanent blocks of field time available 2018/19 winter season. Call 847-778-9519 to reserve!-

Today's Games

WAYS U-8 outdoor 2018Bayern v DelfinesResult PendingField #5-A 
WAYS U-8 outdoor 2018Galaxy v Super-CampeonResult PendingField #5-B 
WAYS U-8 outdoor 2018Lyons Fc v Barca Jr.Result PendingField #6-B 
WAYS U-11 outdoor 2018Nueva Estrella v Mexico Jrs.Result PendingField #9 
WAYS U-12 outdoor 2018Knights v Leones NegrosResult PendingField #13 
WAYS U-12 outdoor 2018Liverpool v BarcerlonaResult PendingField #2 
WAYS U-10 outdoor 2018Arsenal v Tiburones RojosResult PendingField #6-A 
WAYS U-14 outdoor 2018Centro America v Pumas9:30 AMChamp-Turf 
WAYS U-14 outdoor 2018Nuevo Mexico v Monarcas10:00 AMField #4 
WAYS U-12 outdoor 2018Leones v Galaxy10:30 AMField #2 
WAYS U-11 outdoor 2018Chivas v Lobos10:30 AMField #9 
WAYS P-Wees outdoor 2018Delfines v Nikes10:30 AMField# 3 
WAYS U-13 outdoor 2018Liverpool v Morelia10:45 AMField #13 
WAYS U-8 outdoor 2018Juventus v Fire City10:45 AMField #5-A 
WAYS U-9 outdoor 2018Fire City v FCB jr.10:45 AMField #6-A 
WAYS U-13 outdoor 2018Barcelona v Pumas11:00 AMChamp-Turf 
WAYS U-10 outdoor 2018Galaxy v Porto FC11:00 AMField #6-B 
WAYS U-14 outdoor 2018Juventus v Dragones11:30 AMField #4 
WAYS U-11 outdoor 2018Manchester City v Lyons Fc11:45 AMField #9 
WAYS U-13 outdoor 2018Real Waukegan v Valencia12:00 PMField #13 
WAYS U-12 outdoor 2018Vipers v Dep. Guerrero12:00 PMField #2 
WAYS U-9 outdoor 2018Juventus v Bayern12:00 PMField #5-A 
WAYS U-9 outdoor 2018Delfines v Super-Galaxy12:00 PMField #6-A 
WAYS U-9 outdoor 2018Pumitas v Barca Jr.12:00 PMField #6-B 
WAYS P-Wees outdoor 2018Galaxy v Valenciano12:00 PMField# 3 
WAYS P-Wees outdoor 2018Mini-Pumas v bye game !!!TBAChamp-Turf 
WAYS U-10 outdoor 2018Real Madrid v U-11 NorthstarsTBAChamp-Turf 
WAYS U-11 outdoor 2018Northstars v U-10 Real MadridTBAChamp-Turf 
WAYS U-13 outdoor 2018Manchester City v by game !!!TBAChamp-Turf