Field Rentals

Lake County Sports Center offers hourly rentals and bulk rentals throughout the year. Our fields can be rented for any indoor activity such as soccer, lacrosse, football and a wide variety of other indoor activities. Between the months of September and April it is highly recommended to book your field time at least 6 months in advance.

We have three indoor fields with synthetic turf with a granulated rubber base. The sizes and costs of the fields are listed below. We offer walk in specials and other hourly specials throughout the year.

Please Note: No outdoor athletic shoes are allowed on the turf fields… only turf or flat-bottomed shoes are allowed.

Field Size Rates
South Field (large) 200’ x 85’ $275 Per Hour
North Field (medium) 160’ x 75’ $225 Per Hour
Small Field (small) 120’ x 55’ $175 Per Hour


For bookings 7 days or more in advance and permanent bookings please call 847-778-9519.